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Mr.Warm生物质颗粒取暖炉新品推介会圆满收官 精英齐聚见证传奇

Mr.Warm Biomass Particle Heating Furnace New Product Promotion Conference Completed Successfully


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  2018年7 月 9日下午,森拉特Mr.warm温暖先生生物颗粒炉推介会在浙江衢州隆重召开。浙江森拉特暖通设备有限公司高层领导以及数十家优秀经销商齐聚参会,共同见证森拉特Mr.warm温暖先生生物质颗粒取暖炉的上市。

























  On the afternoon of July 9, 2018, the promotion meeting of Mr. Warmm's Biogranule Furnace was held in Zhangzhou, Zhejiang. The senior leaders of Zhejiang Sunnat HVAC Equipment Co., Ltd. and dozens of outstanding distributors gathered to attend the event to witness the listing of Mr. Warm Warming Biomass Heating Furnace.


  At the promotion meeting, the company launched a comprehensive display of the Mr. Warm Biomass Heating Furnace on the market. The innovative product design and the wonderful product commentary attracted the high interest of the participants in the event warm.

  Dedicated research and development

  Mr. Warm Biomass Granule Heating Furnace uses innovative technology to solve market pain points

  It is reported that the Mr. Warm warm biomass pellet heating furnace launched by Sunnat is a new type of heating equipment, which is used in the furnace by making biomass forming fuel (crushed wood, firewood, wood chips and other biomass briquettes, etc.). The interior is fully vaporized and burned to provide heat to the interior.

  At present, the biomass pellet heating furnaces on the market are mainly divided into two types: the wind furnace and the water furnace. The wind furnace mainly supplies heat through the hot air of the fan to heat the indoor temperature, and the water furnace is connected to the radiator and radiates heat through the radiator. 99% of the biomass pellet heating furnaces are wind furnaces, and there are very few manufacturers producing water furnaces, and there are very few good water furnace products. The market for water heaters is still blank.

  After more than a year of painstaking research and development and countless experiments (including comparative research experiments with the products already on the market), Mr. Warm Biomass Granule Furnace has been debugged and tested after many times, finally in 2018 7 The moon suddenly appeared.


  "Unloading is not intelligent, causing the material to be extinguished", "The design is unreasonable, the hopper is on fire", "The feed is not standardized, resulting in the jam" and "Insufficient combustion of biomass particles leads to carbon deposition" is the common biomass pellet furnace on the market. The problem, these pain points have been plaguing many companies and consumers.

  Mr.warm Biomass Granule Heating Furnace successfully solved the pain points of “card material, flameout” and other industries through the innovative “cutting meat grinder stainless steel knife edge” design and “automatic intelligent cleaning system”. The problem is that the fuel energy conversion rate is as high as 96%, the heat transfer efficiency is high, and the temperature rises quickly. At the same time, it does not consume moisture in the air, and the wind is warm and not dry.


  In addition, the fully sealed combustion chamber, negative pressure internal combustion, full combustion, safe and reliable, avoids the occurrence of poisoning during use.

  Full intelligent remote control design, can realize time switch machine, automatic feeding and automatic ignition, temperature and air volume are adjustable, easy to operate, safe and reliable performance.

  At present, the biomass pellets on the market are very mixed. Many biomass workshops in small workshops are not guaranteed without quality, and after-sales service is not guaranteed.

  In order to protect the rights of dealers and consumers, Mr. Warm Biomass Granular Furnace will implement an after-sales policy of “5 years warranty for the furnace and 1 year warranty for the motor and water pump”, which will save dealers and consumers from worries.

  Sunnat leads the new trend of clean heating

  In recent years, with the acceleration of the national “coal to electricity” process, clean heating has become the trend of the times.


  As a renewable and clean energy source, bioenergy is the fourth largest energy source in the world after coal, oil and natural gas. It has innate resource endowment and green low carbon, clean and environmental protection, nearby collection, near consumption, distributed utilization, etc. Features. As a fuel, it burns for a long time and has no pollution to the environment.

  In more than 20 countries in Eastern Europe, almost every household is equipped with biomass pellet heating stoves. The research on the production and processing and direct combustion utilization of domestic biomass pellet fuel products has just started.

  As the leading brand of China's HVAC industry, Senlat has been adhering to the development concept of eco-environmental protection and innovation-driven development for many years, and has been working on the first line of energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and efficient new technology heating industry.

  The Mr.warm biomass pellet furnace launched this time is economical, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. It not only meets the clean heating demand under the trend of “coal to electricity”, but also implements the concept of “clean heating”, which will promote the development of the industry and bring a new round of “green storm” for heating and energy conservation.

  Next, Sunnat will continue to advance with the times, continue to make technological breakthroughs and innovations, in order to provide users with more energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe and comfortable heating products.